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Customer Success: You Spoke, We Listened

In 2020, you spoke, and we listened. We’ve worked diligently to improve your Customer Care experience by improving response times, enhancing the quality of interactions, and increasing channels of communication for support. We know that high quality and prompt customer support is critical to the success of your business, and although we’ve made progress, we won’t stop there. With the relaunch of Toast Central this month and adding in-product guides for increased insight and understanding, we’re dedicated to the key milestones that will bring you success in 2021 and beyond.

Hear more from Emmanuelle Skala, our Senior Vice President of Customer Success, on our initiatives to increase restaurant success and emerge through this together and stronger in 2021. 

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Get the Most out of Toast

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New Navigation Enhancements in Toast Web that Saves You Time

In 2021, Toast is committed to making improvements to our products that help you serve your customers faster, easier, and with more flexibility. Based on feedback from customers like you, we are making enhancements to your navigation and settings that make using Toast more intuitive for you and your team and help you find key information and settings more quickly. 

Continuous improvements like these, informed by our customers, are what helps Toast restaurants stay one step ahead of a rapidly evolving hospitality market.

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Earning $1000 Is Easier Than Ever

In December, we launched a new referral portal to provide you with tools that make it easy to submit and track your referral’s journey with Toast. This means that you’ll know exactly when your referral has a conversation with Toast for the first time, signs their contract, and most importantly when you can expect your well-deserved referral bonuses.

You can find step by step instructions on how to sign up as well as FAQs here. Our referrals team is also here to help at referrals@toasttab.com.

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Take our Brief Customer Survey to Enter to Win $100 Visa Gift Card

We are running a survey to understand what types of rewards would be most valuable to you in a business debit card, and we’d love your input (even if you’re not interested in using a debit card for your restaurant).

If you have 5-10 minutes, please take this survey by March 5th to enter to win a $100 Visa gift card (terms and conditions apply).

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Software Now Available on Toast Shop

If you’re a single-location restaurant, you can now purchase Online Ordering, Toast Marketing, Gift Cards, and Loyalty directly through your Toast account. Skip the call with a Toast representative and get immediate access to these products upon purchase.

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Resources and Tips

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Check Out Toast Payroll in Action

Toast Payroll is a fully integrated payroll solution built for restaurants. Learn how you can save time, onboard employees digitally, and more at our upcoming group demo on March 3rd at 3:00pm - 3:30pm (ET)

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Restaurant Recovery Playbook #3: Reimagine Your Business Model to Invest and Grow

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to the restaurant industry that will last long after things return to "normal."

For restaurants like yours, this presents new opportunities to redefine hospitality: everything from shifting staffing models to spinning up new digital brands (and, for many, ghost kitchens) to capturing and using your customer data.

That’s why we’ve launched Reimagine Your Business Model to Invest and Grow, our third and final Restaurant Recovery Playbook. It’s full of advice and stories from fellow Toast customers who’ve tried, and thrived, in building a restaurant business of the future.

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Introducing easy sign up with DoorDash Marketplace on Toast Partner Connect!

Reach more diners while reducing labor costs through our direct integrations with DoorDash— no more double entry. You can now set up your DoorDash integration within minutes through Toast Partner Connect.

Once you’ve added the integration, make sure that your DoorDash Takeout & Delivery Dining Options have been automatically created, and that you’ve set your Online Ordering hours.

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Customer Spotlight

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Family Meal Video: Toast Products Work Better Together

In our latest Family Meal video, four Toast customers from across the U.S. shared how their restaurant growth in 2020, despite the challenges of the year, came from Toast’s support. In a short period of time, Joe Fontana, owner of Fry the Coop in Chicago, opened 4 new restaurant locations. He attributes the success of the openings to Toast technology: “Going through that much growth really quickly, you have to rely on your technology to help you grow like that.” Hear from Joe and the others on how Toast products work better together to propel their businesses forward. 

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Partner Spotlight

Save up to 25% restaurant essentials in-store at Staples Connect

We’ve partnered with Staples Connect to provide you with exclusive discounts up to 25% off. This includes essentials to run your restaurant like custom menus, signs, PPE, sanitizer, paper and more.