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New! Take Contactless Payments with Toast Tap

With Toast Tap, Toast’s first ever contactless payment device, you can accept any form of guest payment. 

Toast Tap supports taps, dips, and swipes from physical credit cards and digital wallets (ex. Apple Pay, Google Pay) and processes payment faster, so you keep your lines moving, drive more business, and delight your guests. 

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Product Updates

New Break Adherence Report

Meal and rest break laws require employers to send employees on breaks within a specific interval of time depending on the break category. It's often difficult for employers to match the timing for each employee against each break type, but failure to comply can lead to financial penalty, for example, in California.

The new Break Adherence Report is designed to help you easily see which employees are due for break, when, and for what duration. 

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Get the Most out of Toast

Introducing Toast Capital: fast, simple, flexible funding for Toast customers

Toast Capital is a solution designed from the ground up to provide restaurants of all sizes with access to fast, simple, flexible funding to cover working capital needs and to invest in their growth. Crush your 2020 goals by expanding seating, opening a new location, or replacing old kitchen equipment with funding through Toast Capital.

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An exclusive look at On the Line, Toast's commitment to helping you grow

At Toast, we believe in the power of technology to help our industry thrive. But we also believe in the power of education, stories, and community to support our customers in tackling their biggest challenges yet.

Today there are more than 15 million restaurant workers in the U.S. But time and time again, our customers tell us that hiring has never been harder, and getting staff to stick around is even more so. We want to help solve this problem, so we built On the Line, a new website to help you hire, train, and retain great restaurant teams.

You put everything on the line to work in this industry. Toast is committed to giving you the resources you need to succeed.

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Toast Payroll & Team Management training can now be found in Toast Central

You can now access Toast Payroll & Team Management training, knowledge base articles, and other educational material directly within Toast Central. Toast Central is your go-to resource to find the most up-to-date content to help you get up to speed using Toast.

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Partner Spotlight

Reduce waste and increase beverage sales with PourMyBeer

PourMyBeer is a self-serve bar tap system that allows guests to pour themselves beer, wine, or anything else that can be kegged. 

Compared to a traditional bar model, the self-pour model is 4x more efficient and saves up to 10% of usable space with a smaller environmental footprint. Your sales also increase, as guests can try samples that they pay for and drink at their own pace, instead of waiting for someone to serve them. You'll also need fewer people to run the bar area, with up to 40% less overhead; so your staff can focus on other tasks.