Toast Capital: Banking and Accounting Information Connection FAQs

How does connecting my accounts help?

  • Connecting your data may help speed up the approval decision process by providing our team with additional information, if necessary, to evaluate your application. 

What accounting software providers and banks can I connect?

  • Accounting: Currently we connect with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Netsuite, and Xero, but we are working to expand this list.

  • Banking: We use Plaid to connect your banking information, and most banks are supported. If your bank isn’t supported, you can skip this step and continue filling out your application.

I already have my bank account on file with Toast, Inc. — why do I need to connect again through Plaid?

  • Connecting your banking information will not change the bank account you have on file with Toast, Inc.

  • Connecting your banking information provides a fuller picture of your finances and may help speed up the approval decision process should we need additional information during the application review process.

Is my login information and data safe?

  • Yes. Our integration partner, Codat, is compliant with ISO27001 — the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems and their requirements.

  • When your data is in storage, it is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES-256). When your data is being transported, it is encrypted via industry best practices using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2).

  • Any personal information will be processed pursuant to Toast's Privacy Statement.

What data are you using when I connect my accounts?

  • We use data to validate your financial and banking information — for example, in cases where there are typos or missing sources of revenue and debt. We also use the data to make sure we have additional information, if necessary, to evaluate your application after you submit it.

What is Codat?

  • Codat is a third-party integration partner that allows Toast Capital to connect consented business data from banking, accounting, and commerce platforms easily to Toast Capital Loan applications.

Can I disconnect my accounts later?

  • Yes, you can disconnect your linked accounts any time through your accounting or banking partner.