Pizza POS System

Toast's Pizza POS system has integrated online ordering, inventory management, caller ID and delivery.
Built for full service or fast-casual pizzerias.


Online Orders, Direct to Your Kitchen

With a custom online ordering page your customers can place takeout and delivery orders that are routed directly to your kitchen.

Toast eliminates the need for third party vendors so you no longer have to pay commission fees.  

Pizza Inventory, Simplified 

Make valuable decisions about what ingredients to order based on food cost, variance, and menu engineering reports generated by Toast inventory software.

Diagnose where your variances are  waste, overportioning, theft, burned food  and start improving processes based on this data.  

Centralized Customer Data

Know everything about your customers. Every single order in the pizza POS system - online or in-person - will be tracked.

Know who visits your pizzeria most frequently, and who spends the most. Learn customers' specific pizza preferences, contact information, and the time since their last visit. 


Improve Your Pizzeria's Operations 

Fill More Pizza Orders, Faster

Slice your payment process in half. Customize your pizza POS buttons, flip the tablet to face customers, and take more orders using a mobile handheld tablet in the line.

Make Changes to Your Pizza Menu Anytime

With Toast's menu software, you can monitor and push changes to your online menu in seconds, from anywhere. Control which menu items are available for online ordering and sync changes automatically. 

Bake a Custom Pizza, Half Hawaiian and Half Pepperoni

Toast handles all toppings and modifiers. With a tap, easily add pineapple, pepperoni, and other modifiers to make a totally customizable pizza for your guests. 

Take Phone Orders Seamlessly

When a customer calls in to order pizza, Toast caller ID will automatically display their name, number, and past order history on your tablet. 



More Than a Slice of Your Pizzeria Data

Your Most Popular Toppings

Understand how your pizza sales are trending, including your most popular days and times. Identify the menu items and toppings that are driving revenue and those that are a drag on your bottom line.

Your Most Productive Drivers

See how your labor costs are translating into sales in real-time. Identify your most productive servers and delivery drivers by tracking their progress in real-time. Analyze average order time, average delivery time, and more.

Your Best Customers

With Toast CRM, get a holistic view of all customer data, collected from digital receipts and loyalty programs, and know exactly how much each customer spends. Then, reward them with your restaurant loyalty program.

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"Toast’s inventory solution empowered us to make better sense of our data so we could then make more intelligent decisions to improve our bottom line.  Restaurants that aren’t utilizing Toast Inventory are missing out on a really powerful feature."

- Max Seel,  Oath Craft Pizza

Drive Additional Pizza Sales in New Ways

Drive Pizza Loyalty

With loyalty prompts integrated into the payment process, your signup rate will increase by 10x. Toast will recognize the credit card on swipe, so loyalty accumulation and redemption is easy.

Pizza Gift Cards, Your Way

Easily sell gift cards on the tablet, track gift card sales, and accept digital or physical gift cards as payment. Guests can even text gift cards and leave a personalized message! 

Get Food Cost Percentage 

Track every ingredient on every pizza you serve and access reports to track, calculate, and predict food costs, portion costs, and recipe costs.


"Toast is the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on food costs by being able to track my inventory better and removing the menu items that are a drag on my bottom line. The fact that I can update my menu in Toast and it automatically updates my online ordering has probably saved me five to six hours a week."

- Matt Stanfield, Owner, Mattenga's

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Customer Support 

Offline Mode Capability

There’s no point in running a restaurant if you can’t take orders. Toast offline mode works even if the internet drops, so you never have to interrupt service.

Support Available 24/7

We work around the clock to make sure your restaurant is running smoothly. That means 24/7/365 emergency support.

Your Success Is Our Success

When you partner with Toast, you partner with a knowledgeable, committed, and forward-thinking team, equipped with answers to help your restaurant grow.


Hardware Built for Your Pizzeria Needs

pizza pos system hardware


Terminal Bundle

Toast hardware is built on Android, meaning hardware is durable, reliable and cost-effective.

Handheld Tablet

Tablets fire orders to the kitchen instantly and are perfect for line busting during your busiest times.

Kitchen Display

A giant kitchen display system will help your kitchen staff stay on track in a busy kitchen.

Caller ID Hardware

With special caller ID hardware,  you'll be able to integrate every call with the pizza POS system. 

"With digital gift cards, customers get their gift cards immediately and can check their balance whenever they want — with our old card company, they had to come into the store to check the balance. Digital cards have also saved me big money because I don’t have to purchase so many plastic cards."

– Jon Schroeter, Director of Operations, Il Primo Pizza

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