Toast Go™: The Future of the POS Is In Your Hand

Boost revenue, increase efficiency, and delight your guests with Toast Go, a fully integrated handheld POS system designed and built for restaurants.

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Revolutionize Your Restaurant With Toast Go™ Devices

How Toast Go is Transforming Restaurant Operations



Serve More Guests and
Increase Revenue

“Our turn times dropped dramatically with Toast Go and that equates to an extra half million dollars in annual sales. And with more tables come more tips: servers each take home about $7,000 in additional gratuities per year.”

Cory Neel Headshot

Cory Neel 
General Manager  |  Odd Duck, Austin


Bring One-of-a-Kind Dining
Experiences to Life

“Toast Go helps us bring the continued service model to life. It’s easy for us to add a server to any part of the restaurant at any time. They can take someone’s order tableside or right in line and process the credit card transaction right there.”

John Meyers Headshot

John Myers
General Manager  Eventide Fenway


Invest in a Handheld That’s
Built to Last

“The best servers need to adapt to all the curve balls thrown at them during a busy shift. This is why we developed Toast Go, a device designed and purpose-built for the industry.”

Steve Fredette Headshot

 Steve Fredette
President & Co-founder  | Toast


Serve More Guests and Increase Revenue

Don’t let long wait times scare off guests during a rush. At your full service restaurant, less time walking between the table and the terminal means increased table turns, more personalized service, and higher revenue.

At your fast casual restaurant, you can use Toast Go to bust the line and get more guests in the door during busy times. Take guests' orders, swipe their card, and issue them a digital receipt right on Toast Go. You can even text your guests when their order is ready.



Deliver Amazing Guest Experiences

Provide staff the tools they need to deliver unforgettable dining experiences. With Toast Go, servers always have the information they need to answer questions, address allergy concerns and dietary concerns, and recommend drink pairings on hand.

Delight guests with a convenient and secure payment experience in line or right at the table. Guests can choose between text or email receipts and join your loyalty program from anywhere in the restaurant.

Guests can provide feedback on their dining experience right on Toast Go during checkout. Collect data on what your guests love about your restaurant so you can stick with what’s working and improve what isn’t.

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Connect the Entire Restaurant in Real Time

Sending an order to the kitchen shouldn’t be a game of telephone. Servers can instantly share modifications and allergy information with the kitchen using Toast Go, improving order accuracy and reducing voids and comps. Because Toast Go is fully integrated with the back of house, servers will always know which items are in stock and which are 86’ed.

When an order is fulfilled, your servers will receive a notification on Toast Go, so they can serve guests their food when it’s hot and fresh without constantly checking on the order status with the kitchen — or bugging your expo.



Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Toast Go

Toast Go combines software and payments on a beautiful device built to withstand the rigors of the restaurant industry.  With a 40% longer battery life than iPad-based POS systems and a wifi chipset built to navigate restaurant networks, Toast Go is the handheld POS device that will revolutionize your restaurant operations.