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Easily push updates to your in-store or online menu that appear in real-time.
Customize your restaurant's menu, and review reporting on your most profitable items at anytime, from anywhere.

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How Menu Management Software Works

As part of the installation process Toast menu specialists set up your entire menu, complete with all groups, subgroups, items, and modifiers, in your account.

When you unpack the terminals and tablets, your menu is already programmed on all Toast devices. All you have to do is plug it in, and press the "on" button.

If you're using our online ordering feature, we will also create a webpage for your business complete with your online menu where customers can place orders.

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"Our last POS was really, really difficult.
It took weeks just for a technician to change the menu. With Toast, I can do it myself, instantly. I can pull reports from my house without needing to be in the office. I can instantly see things like what dishes are selling the most or what servers are voiding the most transactions, right from my phone."
- Renan Ramos, Olé 


Personally Push Menu Updates Live in Real-Time

Make menu updates and push them live in seconds with Toast's menu management software. Add, edit, or remove menu items, modifiers, and subgroups, or adjust your workflow operations at any time in the Toast platform.

Managers can also add in or modify menu items during operations. Once you publish changes, they are immedietaly synced to all of your Toast devices as well as your online menu. 

Complete Menu Customization

On the Toast platform, you can easily select the days and times certain menus or menu items are available. Restaurant owners can also select which menu items they want to make available online.

Identify certain items that cannot be discounted, choose the items that are redeemable for rewards points, and even add descriptions and images to your menu items.

Quick Edit Mode

In the restaurant environment, we know that a situation can change very quickly; your staff needs to be adaptable.

Quick Edit Mode allows staff members with the appropriate permissions to quickly make changes on the fly. 

86 Countdown

In Quick Edit Mode, servers can note the number of servings left before an item will become 86’d. This starts a countdown that updates in real-time as servers add the item to their tickets and fire them to the kitchen.

Once the countdown reaches zero, it will update the item across all of Toast connected devices to show the item as out of stock. 

Happy Hour Menu Items or Beat the Clock Specials 

With Toast menu management software, you can give a menu item time-specific pricing. Do you want your coffee to be discounted if customers come in before noon? Do you host happy hour in your restaurant?

Rather than changing menu prices manually every morning or evening Toast does it automatically. Just choose time-specific price and select hours, days, and menu price in Toast.

Advanced Menu Reporting

Toast POS automatically your menu analytics and creates detailed product mix reports for all of your menus. You can drill down to identify your top performing menus and items, the most popular modifiers, and items that are often voided or discounted, for any menu engineering work you want to do.

Plus, it integrates with our restaurant inventory software so you can see sales and food cost percentage side by side for each menu item. This level of insight allows you to easily identify the items and menu groups that are contributing to your restaurant’s sales or what isn't profitable enough to keep on your menu. 

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A Free Course in Menu Engineering 

Want to learn how to use the metrics in Toast's advanced menu reporting to engineer a profitable menu? Our course will show you how to increase restaurant sales by 27% in 30 days or less with 5 actionable lessons and assignments and 50+ menu design tips and strategies. By the end of the course, you’ll have an entirely optimized menu, and you'll be an expert menu engineer.  Click here to start.


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