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How Toast KDS Can Revolutionize Your Back of House



Focus on What Matters

“By eliminating paper tickets and moving to a kitchen display system, we can get the chefs on the line to focus on what matters — the quality and consistency of the food and getting every part of the meal out at the same time to provide a better guest experience.”

Matthew Roy Headshot

Matthew Roy 
Technology Operations Manager  |  HOUSEpitality Family


Seamless Communication

“People working the line know just how many burger patties,  chicken patties, and fish fillets they need to have going at any moment. The expeditor sees that too, so KDS takes a whole level out of the communication that has to happen. As they complete each order, they put it in the window for the expeditor and notify the guest via text message using the KDS."

John Meyers Headshot

John Myers
General Manager   Eventide Fenway


Less Counting, More Cooking

“As opposed to hunting though tickets and tallying orders up in my head when we're very busy and I have a lot of other things to do, I can just hit a button and it's right there for me. I can say, 'You have to give me eight Wagyu sirloins,' and that makes things way more expedient."

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 Andrew Zimmerman
Executive Chef | Sepia


Turn Guests Into Regulars

Toast Kitchen Display System will make even the most complex meal seem like it was prepared effortlessly. Kitchen display screens put modification and allergy information front and center for kitchen staff, so that no one sends back their food.

Chits change color on the KDS to help the kitchen keep up with the pace of orders during a rush. Items for the same table automatically fire to the kitchen display screen based on how long they take to prepare, ensuring that one guest's food doesn't get cold while another guest’s meal is still on the grill.

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Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

Give your expo visibility into order status across all prep stations throughout the restaurant, including satellite stations, so they can pace the meal perfectly.

The cooks on the line will be able to see a summary of all the items they need to prepare across every open chit at a glance, freeing up your expo to ensure that every dish is up to your restaurant’s standards.

Let Your Staff Focus on Cooking, Not Counting  


Dig Into Back-of-House Efficiency

The best chefs run a tight ship and are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Give your chefs access to the data they need to see which prep stations are driving up ticket times so they can analyze what’s causing the lag.

Inventory reporting will help your head chef make sure that there are always enough cooks on the line to meet the demand and the most popular menu items are always in stock.

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Choose a Kitchen Display System That Can Handle The Heat

When the orders start flowing in, the last thing your want is for your staff to be struggling with your KDS. Toast Kitchen Display System is designed to put all of the information your back of house staff needs front and center and is easier to use than a smartphone.

Paper can get wet or disappear, and iPads were built for consumers, not for restaurants. Toast Kitchen Display System can handle the heat of the kitchen and withstand a greasy finger. Plus, you can mount KDS screens, freeing up valuable counter space.

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Never Lose Track of a Paper Ticket

Streamline your kitchen by consolidating all open orders placed across Toast POS, your online ordering website, and third-party apps, all in one place. Toast Kitchen Display System makes it easy for back-of-house staff to efficiently prepare, pack, and fulfill takeout and delivery orders without ever forgetting one.

Plus, you can text guests directly from the KDS when their takeout meal is ready, and even let them know where in the restaurant to pick it up.

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Improve Communication with Toast Kitchen Display System

Toast Kitchen Display System combines restaurant-grade hardware with easy-to-use software that integrates seamlessly with the front of house to help your kitchen staff deliver unforgettable meals that turn guests into regulars.