Android POS Hardware for Your Restaurant

Looking for intuitive restaurant POS hardware? Look no further. From mobile point of sale tablets to customizable kitchen display screens, we'll work with you to implement a reliable "made-to-order" Android POS hardware system for your food business.

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Handheld Tableside Tablets

Imagine never having to dart back and forth between your technology and your tables. With 8-inch tablets that fit right into your pocket and masquerade as notepads, you can stay out of the weeds, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

It's your POS, notepad, and check all in one: taking orders, firing items to the kitchen, and even splitting the check can be completed in seconds without ever leaving the table. Full-service restaurants and nightclubs  will love these handheld tablets. 

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Hardwired Terminals

More screen space? You bet. EMV-ready? Of course. The ability to flip so customers can sign for their bill immediately? We got you.

What's more, these Android POS terminals are hardwired for your restaurant. Not only are they equipped with reliable card readers, they're also built with the intense rigor of the restaurant industry in mind. Focus on your restaurant, not your technology. 

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Kitchen Display System

Is there really room for innovation on kitchen display screens? We said yes. Customize your entire kitchen workflow and keep chefs organized with an intuitive KDS.

Segment takeout, delivery, and store orders, and keep chefs on track with a timer that prioritizes outstanding orders. "Green" items don't need to be made right away, but "red" items need to get out to the customers now. Simply press a button to alert servers when an item is ready; voila, communication is no longer one-sided! Yes, these kitchen display screens could be your secret sauce.

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Before Toast, my POS was old and full of glitches. Toast is extremely easy to use. From day one, it felt familiar. New technology can be scary, but we felt comfortable with Toast right away.
- Christopher Rovezzi, Owner of Rovezzi's Restaurant

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Welcome to our online warehouse. Take a tour of all of our point of sale hardware options, including tablets, printers, routers, stands, cash drawers, scanners, scales, and more. 

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Spoiler alert: we're big fans of Android hardware and software.
Durable, flexible, speedy, and built for commercial use;
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