Restaurant Budget Template:

Calculate Your Overspending

Make sure your projections are accurate and eliminate overspending across your business.

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Why Analyze My Restaurant Budget?

Restaurants are feeling optimistic - and the numbers are backing up this outlook. Still, there are countless expenses to running a restaurant that can change with little notice.  

Restaurant owners and managers should periodically look back on their allotted spend compared to their actual spend in such areas as marketing, services, and technology.

Additionally, new restaurateurs can use this tool to set a benchmark budget, research more accurate costs, and compare predicted spend to what actual spend will be. 


Key Sections of the Restaurant Budget Template

Sections broken up to analyze marketing, tech, equipment, professional services, and more.


An overall budget performance analysis to see where actual spend differs from projections. 


An easy-to-use, "plug-and-chug" way to see how much you are over or under budget.




Why are you giving this out for free? 

Our mission at Toast is to transform the lives of restaurant owners. That means we're dedicated to helping restaurant owners around the world improve their operations. We know running a restaurant is a full-time job that can consume all aspects of your life, so we want to make that job a little easier with resources like these. You can find more ebooks, templates, and videos here.  


Can I share this? 

Absolutely. Just send this link to your friends and keep us in mind for restaurant advice in the future!


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