The Future of the
Restaurant Industry

How will technology affect the way we eat?
Fifteen restaurant experts dish on how technology will transform the industry.

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3 Predictions for the Future of Restaurants

Technology is changing the way we eat out. The 15 restaurant leaders we interviewed predicted three trends that will influence the future of the industry.

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The Death of Lines

The findings of the report suggest restaurants may be responsible for their high turnover rates. Successful restaurants take steps to communicate clearly and retain staff.

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The End of the Terminal

Gone are the days of one point of sale terminal. Now, guests and servers will have many choices — from kiosks to mobile phones to handhelds — for where to order their food.

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The Rise of Data

Analytics will become the driving force behind most decisions made in the restaurant industry, including staffing, openings, new menu items, inventory, and more.

“The front of the house will continue to automate. Millennials don’t want to talk to cashiers; they don’t want to try to explain what they are looking for. They want to interact efficiently with a kiosk, mobile device, or computer.”

Reza Shabani
Rice Kitchen

“Restaurants will have to
re-optimize their space.
Does the kitchen become bigger than the dining room? Where is the tipping point?”

Steve Fredette
Co-Founder, Toast

“Automation in delivery can play a key role in improving restaurant operations - whether it’s robots, driverless ubers or drones delivering food to peoples’ houses.”

Brett Spiegel
Director of Business Strategy, Fuzz Productions

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