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Restaurant Back of House Guide

Kitchen Checklists • Par Sheet • Recipe Cards All included in this free back of house eBook and resource kit!

Back Of House Guide Sheets

An organized restaurant kitchen means an organized restaurant.

The back of house is where the magic happens. It's where meals are made and culinary masterminds do their very best work.

It's also where inventory is depleted, where supplies can go untracked, and where one ajar fridge door can result in disaster.

The resources and insight in this back of house guide make it easy for restaurants to track inventory, control portions, and stay organized.

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Free Templates You Can Use in Your Restaurant Kitchen

  • Kitchen Checklists
    One for opening, one for closing. That's two free kitchen checklist templates. You're welcome.

  • Par Inventory Sheet
    Print it out or use it on your computer for an automated inventory tracking system.

  • Recipe Cards
    For when "just a little extra" takes more than a little bit out of your bottom line.