Ensure what’s on the line boosts your bottom line

Go beyond a simple digital cookbook and take control of your recipe costs with xtraCHEF by Toast.

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Go beyond a simple digital cookbook and take control of your recipe costs with xtraCHEF by Toast.

How it Works

Monitor, grow, and sustain profitability across all your menu items

Recipe costing within xtraCHEF by Toast helps you analyze cost breakdowns and make more informed purchasing and menu-pricing decisions.

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Cook up more profits with recipe costing tools

Achieve real-time plate costing, variance updates, and more based on the most recent product purchase prices by scanning your invoices.

Simplify recipe creation with a drag-and-drop builder that pulls ingredients from your invoice-generated product catalog.

Save time and eliminate unnecessary errors by passing unit of measurement (UoM) conversion calculations off to us.

Recipe dashboard mockup with labor cost window

Factor in the costs adjacent to your recipe ingredients

Model the true costs for each dish by factoring in unique labor requirements.

Add nuanced costs for different dining options, including containers, packaging, and even delivery service fees.

Map modifiers and add-ons from your Toast menu into xtraCHEF to account for true costs and recipe profitability.

Mobile screen showing recipe details with allergen window

Achieve consistency by accounting for nuance

Indicate allergens in every recipe and upskill your staff to avoid unnecessary re-fires, lost revenue, and wasted inventory.

Upload images to menus and menu items so cooks, bartenders, and staff can replicate the intended presentation.

Support multiple languages to achieve consistent preparation for everyone on your team.

Run your entire restaurant on Toast

A single restaurant platform that works better together, helping you save time and take control of costs while delighting your guests and managing your team.

How it works

Invoice Automation

xtraCHEF by Toasts invoice automation is the first step toward data-driven decisions that save time and help boost profitability.

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Inventory Management

xtraCHEF by Toast offers modern inventory management tools to keep your culinary and finance teams on the same page.

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