Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Eliminate online ordering commission fees, save countless hours on menu management, and customize the entire online ordering experience with Toast’s online ordering system for restaurants.

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Improve the Online Guest Experience

Whether your customers are searching on their desktop, their tablets, or their phones, they can easily order from your restaurant for their morning, afternoon, or evening fix. Toast’s restaurant online ordering software is optimized for all screen sizes, so customers can enjoy a seamless ordering experience. Plus, if you offer gift cards, your customers can purchase them right from your online ordering web page.  

Customized Design For Your Website

Toast allows you to customize your online food ordering page and your customers’ online ordering experience so it’s consistent with your brand. Add your logo, background and banner images, descriptions and pictures of menu items, and information about your business such as location and pickup and delivery availability hours.


 online ordering system

“Customers who order through our Toast website receive faster service than those who order through a third-party site because it’s connected directly to our kitchen. It takes 4 or 5 minutes longer per ticket if the order comes in through an external vendor. We always try to promote our Toast online ordering because the order goes in, pops out at the printer, and that’s it. It’s so easy and guests really love how it works."
- Daniel Ganem, Co-Founder & Executive Chef at Zuuk Mediteranean Kitchen


Spend Less Time on Your Menu With Complete Integration

With Toast, online ordering programs are hosted directly through the all-in-one restaurant management platform, which means menu software makes menu management simple and easy. Your ordering and customer data lives in one place, you can modify the online ordering menu in real-time from anywhere, and you can sync your online ordering menu with your POS menu. Click the video to the right to watch how online ordering works.

Optimize Your Order Flow

If the kitchen is overwhelmed, Toast allows you to throttle orders: turn off or slow down online ordering while properly setting customers’ expectations. Instead of allowing for immediate online orders, set the earliest pickup or delivery times for 30 minutes, an hour, or any amount of time in the future to give your kitchen time to catch up.






View Detailed Online Ordering Reports

See an overview of all online order sales, or drill down to see online takeout and delivery reports separately. Track your average check amounts, total orders, total sales, top menu items, top online ordering customers, and even the average delivery times for individual delivery drivers in this dashboard.

online ordering program


Enhance Takeout Orders with Caller ID and Delivery Services

Are your customers calling for takeout? Rather than writing down their information every time, use Toast’s caller ID, which integrates with the restaurant CRM. Every time a customer calls, their name, number, and order history will automatically populate. If you want to offer delivery services as well, you can customize by setting delivery zones, fees, and times. Route orders directly to the kitchen, assign orders to specific delivery drivers, and track delivery orders from the moment they’re submitted to the moment they’re succesfully delivered.


“Accounting with third-party online ordering vendors was a huge challenge for our team... Toast’s built-in online ordering alleviates the 2 to 3% commission that we have to pay for orders through external vendors. That ends up saving us thousands every year. We’re going to see return on our investment in record time.”
Jon Arbitman, Sr. Technology Services at Protein Bar