Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Toast's restaurant inventory management software provides real-time inventory insights and helps restaurants make smart decisions that improve the bottom line. 

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Save Money with Inventory Control

Never run out of inventory again. With real-time restaurant inventory management software, you can track your food inventory, suppliers, units, and prices on your computer, phone, or tablet so you know what to reorder and when... without having to spend late hours updating a spreadsheet.

Increase Profit with Inventory Reports

Spend less manual work crunching the numbers and more rewarding work analyzing the data. With automatic and downloadable food cost, inventory variance, and menu engineering reports, you can fine-tune your menu and your offerings until they're just as profitable as they are popular. 




"Toast’s Inventory solution empowered us to make better sense of our data so we could then make more intelligent decisions to improve our bottom line.  Restaurants that aren’t utilizing Toast Inventory are missing out on a really powerful feature."

- Max Seel,  Oath Craft Pizza



Recipe Costing Tool 

Calculating your recipe cost, or plate cost, is essential to the profitability of your restaurant. Track every ingredient on every plate you serve and understand food costs, portion costs, and recipe costs.

Restaurant Food Cost Calculator 

Use this food cost report to track, calculate, and predict your food costs. With food prices increasing, saving on food costs and increasing profits will be tantamount. 

Inventory Variance Report

The inventory variance report compares your actual inventory to your theoretical inventory so you can diagnose where your variances are waste, overportioning, theft, burned food  and start improving  back of the house processes. 

Menu Engineering Chart

Analyze your best selling menu items alongside your most profitable menu items and organize them into stars, puzzles, plowhorses, and dogs to learn which items are contributing to or hurting the business.

Why Track Inventory?


Food costs in the restaurant industry can run as high as 38% depending on the mix of sales.



Prime costs in the restaurant industry, which include food and labor, can run as high as 60%.



Liquor costs in the restaurant and bar industry are typically 18-20% of total liquor sales.



Restaurant menu prices have increased 2.8% since 2015 because of rising food costs.



Almost half of small businesses either don't track inventory or use a manual method.



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Shelf-to-Sheet Inventory Tracking

Shelf-to-sheet inventory tracking requires you to examine your spreadsheet, and then run to the storage area where that item is kept and mark it off. Shelf-to-sheet means that your inventory tracking is set up just as your back of house is set up - by refrigerator, walk-in, kitchen, you name it. Your inventory system is customizable to your specific setup. 

True POS Integration

Because the restaurant inventory management software is integrated in Toast POS, you can view sales reports alongside food cost reports, switch between different menu types, and even toggle between restaurants. Use your inventory data to make decisions about your menu or labor and start making changes instantly.

Easy Inventory Setup

Many restaurants don't track inventory because they don't have the time. Toast changes that by making the restaurant inventory software setup fast and easy. You can set up a key item inventory to track your 20 most purchased ingredients in less than 4 hours using the step-by-step guide. Expanding to full food costing adds a couple of minutes per recipe, and you don't need to be a restaurant consultant to do it!

We’ve seen incremental improvements in inventory variance ever since we implemented Toast Inventory. We’ve reduced variances from 5% to below 2% by more closely adhering to recipes and controlling waste.
Mike Peasland, Cafe Manager of Sambazon