Restaurant Labor Management Software

Restaurant labor management software designed to save you time.
Automatically track each employee's hours, pay, and productivity, and simplify end-of-shift and close-out-day processes.

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Staff Management Software

Customized POS Permissions

User-based permissions control the information each role or specific employee can access within the platform. Customize control over exactly how your staff uses the system.
You may want to limit access to sales reports to only general managers, while only providing access to labor reports to admins and shift managers. Manager approval for voids and discounts can also be set as a requirement in the permissions settings.

Built-in Employee Time Clock

Each employee receives a unique 4-digit pin number that is used to clock-in and to clock-out on the Toast tablets.

Managers can view time cards in Toast to see an overview of everyone who is currently clocked-in and out, and select a specific employee to see the time he clocked-in and out, the role he fulfilled, and the total hours worked.

End-of-Shift Review

Shift review in Toast provides a full overview of the shift with a breakdown of all activity by each individual employee.

Managers can see all of the actions that still need to be completed before the shift can be closed.

The ability to instantly view this information drastically decreases the time it takes to complete close-of-shift and close-of-day tasks, while also ensuring that necessary activities are never overlooked.




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Labor Management In Action

See how simple it is to manage your team with Toast.

Labor Reporting

Labor Cost Percentage 

As a cloud-based system, labor reports in Toast are available in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere, using any device.

This enables owners to login to Toast from their smartphone and see powerful, live insights about their business.

Restaurant owners can view things like their labor cost percentage in real-time, from anywhere and use that data to make the necessary changes to their labor. 

Employee Productivity Reports

Use Toast labor management software  to drill down to view information about a specific employee.

You can see detailed information like the employee's total sales, average table turn times, average and total tips collected, total orders fulfilled, and any item voids or discounts.

This gives restaurant operators the power to recognize their best servers and to identify any staff members who may need some additional training. 





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Compeat Labor & Accounting Integration

The Toast/Compeat integration offers full coverage from your point-of-sale to your P&L. You can use the integration for above store reporting, labor reporting, and payroll and inventory.

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