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Sales Reporting and Analytics

Real-time Reports, Analytics In One Place

Toast sales reports provide an overview of all of the transactions you have completed during a selected time period.

The summary report shows net sales, gratuity, tips, total guests, table turn time, and a breakdown of all service types and payment methods.

Toast reports are designed to provide you with a scannable overview of the sales metrics you really care about, at a high level.

From there, Toast sales reports allow you to drill down to gain more detailed insight into sales as they relate to orders, payments, shifts, cash drawers, and house accounts.

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Is Your Team Efficient? Run a Sales Exceptions Report to Find Out

These reports allow you to quickly view an overview of all voids, discounts, and refunds. The reports also allow you to identify the servers and managers who are giving and approving these sales exceptions.

Using these reports, you can also quickly see the total number of sales exceptions, total amount, and void percent that each of your staff members has given out during a selected time period.  

A blank exception report indicates that your team is running efficiently, whereas a clogged exception report may indicate that your team needs extra training. 


Restaurant CRM Software

Guest Data: The Info You've Always Needed

The Toast system has integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software that collects customers' contact information and order history.

Toast CRM for restaurants creates a detailed profile of guests whenever they register for your loyalty program, opt in to receiving digital receipts, or provide their information when ordering online for delivery.

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Customer Reporting: The Details You've Always Wanted

Over time, as you collect information about your customers, the Toast CRM becomes the centralized database for your business.

Customer reports provide detailed information such as average check size, visit frequency, and most frequently ordered items.  

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Marketing to Your Customer Database 

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Once you understand your customers’ preferences and have access to their contact information, you can begin to communicate with them outside the restaurant.

Toast CRM allows restaurant operators to send customized messages and promotions to their customer base.

Use customer reports to identify regular guests who haven’t visited in a while, and send an email with a promotion to get them back in.

Toast CRM fuels effective marketing campaigns and centralizes your valuable customer data so that you can easily leverage it in the most profitable way.