Restaurant CRM System

The Toast CRM is designed to centralize all of the restaurant customer data collected by the point of sale, providing restaurant owners with a better understanding of their customers and a holistic view of each guest.

Restaurant Software That Tracks Guests

Valuable Guest Data: The Statistics You've Always Needed

With a restaurant CRM system integrated in the point of sale system, you can collect information about your guests from many different sources. When guests register for your loyalty program, opt in when receiving digital receipts, enter their email address when ordering takeout, or provide their information when ordering online for delivery, Toast POS will create a detailed profile of what they ate and when. 

Customer Reporting: The Details You've Always Wanted

Over time, as you collect historical information about your customers, the Toast CRM will become a centralized database for your business. You’ll be able to gain insight into which customers visit your restaurant most often and which are are the biggest spenders. With customer reports, managers can select individual guests and view detailed information about their food and drink preferences, contact information, and the time since their last visit. 




Marketing to Your Restaurant Database 

Improved Guest Experience

The Toast CRM collects customer data automatically, making it easy for customers to opt in to your restaurant loyalty program. Customers can sign up for your rewards program by simply checking a box during the payment process. If an online ordering or kiosk customer wants to re-order an order they have placed in the past, they can do so in one click. You can also use the data stored in the POS system to find new ways to personalize and enhance the guest experience for some of your regular guests.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Once you understand your customers’ preferences and have access to their contact information, you can begin to communicate with them outside the restaurant. Restaurant operators use the data stored in the Toast CRM to send customized messages and promotions to their best customers.

Use the customer reports to identify regular guests who haven’t visited the restaurant in a long time, for instance, and send an email with a promotion to bring them back. Toast CRM fuels powerful marketing campaigns, putting the power back into the hands of the business owner.