Nicholas Mann posted at Jul 31, 2015

Toast POS Donates Technology to Boston Seafood Festival

Toast, a Boston-based POS and restaurant management company, provided their hardware and software services free-of-charge to the Boston Seafood Festival. The festival, in its fourth year and hosted by the Boston Fisheries Foundation, struggled to find reliable point-of-sale technology and decided to turn for help locally.

“The Boston Fisheries Foundation has struggled every year with cash and credit card management for the Boston Seafood Festival. We’ve never had the ability to gather detailed and critical reporting post-event. Cheap, hard to program and operate cash registers; hard to operate mobile card readers with lousy 3G reception and miserable battery performance...and hard-working volunteers thrown into battle with non-user-friendly equipment. It’s been a nightmare every year,” said Board Member of the Boston Fisheries Foundation Chris Edelman. “Then I had a thought: why not reach out to a Boston-based cloud POS company for a solution and a long-term relationship!”

Toast came to the rescue with eight Android tablets and will be assisting with payments ranging from registering guests on one side of the festival to running credit cards at the lobster bake tent across the pier.

“We are uniquely positioned to run successfully in a wire-free environment and are able to set up our own network,” said Jacleen Casinelli, Senior Sales Manager of Toast. “We were happy to help make sure this local festival went off without a hitch.”

The 2015 Boston Seafood Festival is held at the Boston Fish Pier on Sunday, August 2 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The festival will offer a full day of events focused on educating the public about the local and global elements at play in New England's dynamic fishing industry.

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