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Toast + Zignyl

Zignyl is a comprehensive workforce management solution, allowing QSR owners to make data driven decisions and maximize profits.

Zignyl is a comprehensive workforce management solution for franchise operators, allowing them to forecast, schedule, manage tasks, incentivize employees and summarize payroll, directly impacting the bottom line and employee retention.

  • Sales history and foot traffic connected to hourly scheduling for optimal staffing decisions. Our core platform allows managers to allocate the right amount of resources to serve projected sales for each hour of the day.

  • Task management platform that shows on the location dashboard (tablet), holding employees accountable. Abilitiy to add incentives for employees based on (1) task completion and (2) sales goals which can be determnied based on forecasting. This significantly increases staff satisfaction and reduces turnover.

  • Chat solution that allows team members and managers to communicate.

  • zignyl's platform has 3 interfaces: (1) Managerial view for analytics, forecasting and overall management. (2) Dashboard location to keep the team aligned in store. (3) Employee app for availabiltiy, time off etc. All this is summarized in templates that connect into the payroll system and allow paying with a click of a button.

Integrating Toast's sales data with zignyl's forecasting and hourly scheduling solution allows me make optimal staffing decisions and increase sales per labor hour. The combo of Toast and zignyl also allows me to set proper sales targets for team incentives. My team is happier and my margins increased.

Nick Williamson


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