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Toast + Yumpingo

Next-Generation Customer Experience Management Platform

Real-time customer satisfaction data and delivers specific, actionable insights to restaurant brands.

Yumpingo captures real-time customer satisfaction data and delivers specific, actionable insights, granting restaurant brands the opportunity to deliver more consistent experiences across every dish, shift, server, and service style. Yumpingo’s integration with Toast creates a more seamless end-to-end customer experience with tailored 1-minute review journeys that capture feedback on all on-premise, delivery, and off-premise orders via either a Yumpingo One device, post-dine email, or QR code.

Benefits of Toast + Yumpingo

  • More Feedback from Customers in Real-time - Up to 70% of customers leave a review of their experience, without brands needing to incentivize customer feedback.

  • Empowering Restaurant Teams - Our Smart Actions feature identifies the most critical issues with menu and service execution and creates a weekly report of next steps to take to improve operations.

  • Understanding the Why - We uncover the why behind every customer experience by capturing feedback at the dish level with the look, taste, portion, and value of each item scored.

  • A Tailored Feedback Experience - Tailored 1-minute review journeys feature specific items ordered and capture feedback across every dish, shift, server, and service style.

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