Digital Signage

Toast + Wallboard

Seamlessly serve up menuboard automation with Wallboard

Integrating Toast and Wallboard streamlines customer service by auto-updating menus and prices, showing out-of-stock items, and increasing trust. 

Our powerful content editor enables you to build custom, eye-catching menus. Timely displays of special offers help boost sales. Our system aids in managing multiple locations and offers QR codes for easy online orders, appealing to tech-savvy patrons. 

This integration elevates the dining experience, aligning with today's consumer needs.


  • Powerful Design
    Use our Content Editor to design your menu. No need for third party software

  • Easy Scheduling
    Schedule menus & promos/LTOs to display at certain times of the day using an easy drag and drop interface

  • Automatic Updates
    Update menu item names and prices on menu board and show items as out of stock based on quantity levels

  • Simple Remote Management
    Manage multiple locations and control who has access at a granular level

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