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Toast + Tock

Increase Your Covers, Not Your Costs with Tock

Simple. Smart. Revolutionary.

Tock is the culinary industry's leading reservation, guest, table, and event management system that puts operators in complete control of their business. Their platform offers both free and prepaid reservations that help reduce no-shows, automated waitlists, event ticketing, and more. Tock empowers your team with best-in-class technology and hospitality tools.

How Tock integrates with Toast

You can see real-time status updates and seamlessly integrate prepaid reservations between Tock and Toast POS. Tock also uses check details from Toast POS so you can see their seating history, past items ordered, and other historical details to provide personalized service and hospitality to your guests.


  • Seamless integrations
    Your operations are synced in real-time from table status, to check-line item level details, and prepaid reservation bookings via Tock and Toast’s integration.

  • Increased revenue
    Tock puts you in control and drives covers to every service. Flat pricing and zero per-cover fees ensure that you’ll never be penalized for your success.

  • Intelligent hospitality
    Tock provides the tools to capture guest details, visit notes, tags, and feedback to provide a unified guest profile for targeted marketing and world-class hospitality.

  • Global network
    Tock is the leading reservation and table management platform used in 30 countries across 200 cities, including integrations across all social media platforms.

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