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Toast + TipHaus

Automated Tips and Daily Tip Payments for Restaurants

Meet TipHaus: your go-to solution for restaurant management. Integrated with Toast, it automates tip calculations for accuracy. Enjoy daily employee payments, customizable tip policies, and effortless tip pooling. With one-click payroll exports and legal compliance, TipHaus streamlines operations, saving 20+ hours monthly and reducing financial disputes by 95%. Say goodbye to manual errors and welcome a smoother future with TipHaus, boosting productivity, teamwork, and employee retention.


  • Efficient Tip Automation with Toast Integration
    TipHaus automates tips through Toast, ensuring legal compliance, saving time, and reducing errors for a more optimized restaurant workflow.

  • Full Transparency with Mobile App
    Every employee gets free access to our proprietary and beloved mobile app, offering real-time insights into individual tip earnings.

  • Elevated Customer Support
    Sometimes things go wrong – be it forgotten clock-ins, POS issues, or login troubles. TipHaus support is ready to help you – anytime you need.

  • Instant Tip Access with Earned Tip Access™
    The first automated way to get tips directly into your employees’ bank accounts - instantly. Get your employees the tips they earned, right now, for free.

I cannot believe we ever operated without TipHaus. Our employees LOVE it. The TipHaus customer support is incredible. Our restaurant finally operates like a true team. It works seamlessly with Toast, and is so easy to setup.

Shireen Imani

Owner of Chulita

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