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Toast + Synergysuite

Toast and SynergySuite Integration: Operating Solution Integration

Toast and SynergySuite have partnered to create a seamless operation solution for restaurants to boost efficiency and profitability.

Inventory & Purchasing

  • Lower food costs with suggested ordering
  • Full recipe management
  • Automatic purchasing
  • Process invoices

Food Safety

  • Maintain proper food safety procedures
  • HACCP compliance reporting
  • Temperature monitoring alerts
  • Cleaning schedule reminders

HR & Staffing

  • Ensure your business stays compliant
  • Maintain staff records
  • Secure communications platform
  • Onboarding checklists

Sales Analysis

  • Improve profitability with key insights
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Generate daily P&L reports
  • Compare sales vs. wages

Cash Management

  • Track cash from the register to the bank
  • Monitor cash movement
  • Transaction reconciliation
  • Variance alerts

Time & Attendance

  • Reduce overtime and overstaffing costs
  • Algorithms create optimal schedules
  • Manage shift swaps and approvals

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