Labor Inventory Analytics

Toast + SynergySuite

We've got your back of house.

SynergySuite is a mobile, cloud-based back-of-house platform that empowers restaurants to operate more intelligently and save money on food and labor. 
Save time doing inventory, scheduling, reporting and more.

Benefits of Toast + SynergySuite

  • Reduce Food and Labor Costs by Up to 5%
    Bring together data from Toast with SynergySuite’s BOH tools to easily create more accurate schedules, orders, and prep needs based off sales forecasts. Get real-time information on performance to drive profitability.

  • Gain Actionable Insights
    Pre-built and custom reporting options give you the information you want, so you can make data-based decisions rather than drowning in numbers.

  • Streamline All BOH Operations
    Manage your entire BOH from a single platform. SynergySuite brings together the tools you need to streamline operations in a single place.

  • Seamless Toast Integration
    Our integration provides real-time location data, uses sales forecasts to make accurate schedules, and reduces food waste with better ordering and prep information.

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