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Sling is employee scheduling and communication software for restaurants that facilitates employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll, internal communication, labor cost optimization, and reporting. By piecing together key parts of daily operations, Sling helps eliminate inefficiencies for businesses, headaches for managers, and frustration for employees.

Together, Sling and Toast simplify employee scheduling, drive team engagement, and save restaurateurs time and money.

Benefits of Sling

  • Streamline your operations
    Simplify employee scheduling and time tracking, improve internal communication, drive team engagement, optimize the cost of labor, and stay compliant with changing labor laws.

  • Schedule faster and smarter
    Build your employees’ schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability, and shift trade requests. Avoid schedule conflicts, and handle unexpected changes without stress.

  • Communicate more efficiently
    Streamline team communication no matter where your employees are. Send messages in group or private conversations, keep everyone informed, and build a better company culture.

  • Optimize the cost of labor
    Forecast labor cost while scheduling and avoid potential overtime to stay on budget. Import sales to determine labor % and let Sling help you stay within the desired target.

I’m most impressed with the ability to link all users seamlessly through the app, not only for scheduling but for communication.

Eddie Dyer

Vessel NOLA

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