Toast + Shogo

Toast and Shogo Integration: Integrated and Automated Accounting Software

Toast's integration with Shogo allows for seamless accounting integration with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online (QBO), Xero, and Sage Business Cloud

Integration Details

  • Choice of Posting Methods
    For QuickBooks, sales data can be posted as journal entries or as sales receipts. For Xero and Sage Business Cloud, you can select between Invoices or Journal Entries.

  • Multiple Locations
    Shogo automatically posts sales data at the location level. If the locations are part of the same legal entity, the postings can include summary or line item level tracking classes.

  • Tenders/Payment Types
    All Toast restaurant POS system tenders are supported in the posting process including credit cards, gift cards, cash, and checks.

  • Multiple Sales Tax
    If you have multiple sales taxes you need to report and pay, Shogo can post these as distinct line items – such as City vs. State.

  • Automatic Postings
    Shogo replaces your manual sales accounting process by automatically posting your sales information each morning. There is no importing/exporting you need to perform.

  • Discount Details
    Shogo posts discounts at the discount type level. You have the option of mapping discounts to the same account or to detailed accounts for more in-depth analysis.

  • Detailed Sales/Toast Category
    Shogo can post summary data at the Toast category level or you can choose to post sales at the item (product) level.

  • Processor Fees
    Shogo also automates the booking of your Toast POS processing fees, easing the reconciliation process.

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