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SevenRooms & Toast: Own A Direct Relationship With Your Guests

SevenRooms empowers hospitality operators to create and cultivate direct relationships with their guests. Their reservation, seating, and guest management solutions boost revenue, drive repeat business and enable personalized service and marketing.

Robust guest profiles sit at the core of the SevenRooms platform, giving a holistic view of guests to make exceptional experiences possible everyday.

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Boost Direct Reservations:

Fill your seats for less and begin building relationships with your guests before they walk through the door by letting them book directly with you on your website and social channels.

Create New Revenue Opportunities :

Drive more revenue from your existing reservation book with custom experiences, reservation upgrades, cross-promotion of sister properties and special event ticketing.

Make Every Guest Feel Like a Regular:

Leverage robust guest insights including preferences, allergy information, POS purchase data and visit history to power personalized service and drive repeat business. In-service alerts and best-in-class seating management enable better decision making on the fly.

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts :

Filter, segment, and export your guest database to create personalized messages and targeted promotions that boost engagement and drive repeat visits.

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