Security Analytics

Toast + Savi

More Insights, Less Pain

Savi is driven to help business owners gain new insight into improving operations, without pain and frustration.  Our real-time analytic dashboards gather data from POS and labor systems, as well as existing surveillance systems to help operators always be up to date on the results they are achieving, as well as leveraging a cloud Video Management System to instantly search any data point to understand the cause behind the results they are achieving.  

Key Benefits

  • Save Time
    Add hours back to your managements’ week through easily accessible cloud-based video

  • Reduce Loss
    Reduce Voids, Employee Discounts, Refunds and other loss driving behaviors adding thousands back to the bottom line

  • Protect from Liability
    No longer be left without evidence, your video is backed up securely offsite, free from tampering

  • Retain Talent
    Easily identify and praise top performers, retaining your most productive team members

  • Hardware Agnostic
    Let Savi integrate with your current camera system or have us quote you on one, we truly are hardware agnostic

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