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Toast + Restaurant365

Toast and Restaurant365 Integration: Back-of-House Integration

Toast and Restaurant365 have partnered to provide restaurants with a full front of house and back of house solution.

Restaurant365 is a complete accounting and back office solution built specifically for restaurants. The integration with Toast pull in all sales, payment and labor details for the automatic creation of the Daily Sales Journal Entries, Daily Labor Accrual Journal Entries and on-demand financial and operational reporting. Restaurant365 runs in a browser on your Mac, PC, Tablet, or Mobile (Android & iOS) devices.


  • GL, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • AP Automation & Document Management
  • Budgeting & Financial Reporting


  • Mobile app for stock counts on iOS and Android
  • Vendor Management & Food Costing
  • Recipe Costing

Labor Scheduling

  • Build schedules based on sales forecast and labor budget goals
  • Mobile app for easy schedule management
  • Payroll Integration

Reporting & Business Analytics

  • Over 80 out-of-the-box restaurant operational and financial reports
  • Real-time & scheduled delivery reporting options
  • Also, build your own custom charts, reports and dashboards

Additional optional modules include: Catering, Franchising, Commissary, Advanced Budgeting, Fixed Assets

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Powered by Froala Editor

Visit Restaurant365 for more information!

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