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Toast + Recipe Costing

Know your Recipe and Menu Costs -Nutritional Labels & more...

Know your costs and Increase your profits with our fully integrated solution. Our software will provide:

  • Recipe and menu costing | Inventory management | Invoice Scanning | Nutritional Labels | Supplier integration | Accounting integration | Online Orders.

  • Create shopping lists and Purchase Orders from inventory reductions.

  • Toast POS reduces menu ingredients, raw and finished goods and modifiers by way of sales.

  • Create Nutritional labels from recipes and menu items. Display on your menu site hyperlinks to real time nutritional data.

  • Upload Invoices and count inventory with our mobile application.

Benefits of Toast + Recipe Costing

  • Reduce your Inventory for accurate ordering
    We reduce your ingredients and menu items as they are sold on Toast POS. You can verify inventory usage and find any issues.

  • Spend more time on Customers and growing your business
    Our Integrations with Toast and Suppliers and Invoice image scanning reduce data entry mistakes.

  • Always know your pricing is correct on menu item
    Price menu items on profit margin and percentages with labor details and delivery packaging costs. Real time pricing updates through our integrations.

  • Eliminate Data Entry with our White Glove support
    Our top tier personalized support will keep your information up to date with menu and recipe updates-Pricing-Invoice scanning -Accounting-Reporting.

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