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Toast + Proliant

Toast and Proliant Integration: Workforce Management Tools for Restaurants

Proliant streamlines cumbersome processes, and reduces time spent on manual data entry.

From onboarding new employees to managing compensation based on tips and time worked, Proliant’s full suite of cloud-based HRIS solutions offers restaurant managers and their employees an easy to use, integrated system.


More Time Saved, Guaranteed

  • Onboard new hires and gather employee data digitally
  • Gain a real-time view into hours worked
  • Manage employee RTO
  • Conduct performance reviews

Full Toast POS Integration

  • Employees complete onboarding, punch in and out, and ring in checks inside of one master login
  • Automatically key in both cash and credit card tips; no manual entry necessary
  • Enable automated tip-pooling and splitting on the back end

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