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Peoplevine is a Member Experience and CRM Platform.

When integrated with Toast, Peoplevine provides an optimal experience for tracking member spend and connecting all charges to their CRM profile. This allows you to easily identify the favorite food and beverage items of your members, as well as track their total spend and frequency. Our integration streamlines operations and enhances the customer experience by offering the convenience of closing the members’ check to their card-on-file, house account, or as a house credit, which can be issued as perk. Overall, our integration with Toast helps us deliver an exceptional and personalized experience for your members.

Benefits of Toast + Peoplevine

  • Peoplevine is the leading platform for enhancing the member experience and managing customer relationships in the hospitality industry. Our platform offers a range of self-service tools that enable membership and marketing directors to create personalized, digital experiences for their customers. These tools help collect and connect data that is crucial for providing exceptional hospitality and driving growth. Our platform is designed for hospitality brands, empowering them to create and deliver truly elevated member experiences.

  • Identify members at the point of sale (POS) to track spending and enable alternate payment methods.

  • Provide a convenient payment process for members.

  • Enhance the member experience with evolving perks based on spending and engagement.

  • Maintain a robust CRM profile with history, spend, and favorites for each member.

We are able track member spend and enable them to pay with their card on file. When they finish dining, they can easily have our staff close out to their card on file. It really streamlines our operations and provides a smooth member experience.

Omar Aly

Zero Bond

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