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Toast and Paytronix Integration: Restaurant Gift Card Integration

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Toast & Paytronix: Gift Card Integrations for Restaurants

Toast and Paytronix gift card integrations ensure an exceptional guest experience at all touch points - in-store, mobile, social networks, and online - bolstering your brand’s sales throughout the year.


  • Multi-Channel Merchandising
    Sell more gift cards by making it easy for guests to find them whenever and wherever they are needed. Provide online options with physical card web sales and eGift features, which plug into your existing website.

  • Gift Card Sales Reporting
    Accounting executives rave about our money movement, liability, discount tracking, and escheatment processes. These unique features have compelled hundreds of clients to choose Paytronix.

  • Switching to Paytronix
    To provide continuity for your staff and guests, we deliver a simultaneous cutover across your locations while allowing you to preserve the key elements of your existing program including card numbers for unique account identification; card activation dates for appropriate expiration and escheatment processing; and current balances on active cards for consistent liability reporting

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