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Toast + OpenTable

Access the most reliable platform, connect with the world's largest dining network

Serving up the most comprehensive, easy-to-use restaurant management platform

Attract guests from OpenTable's unmatched diner network of millions, and manage them with a robust, reliable system.

  • The largest, most valuable diner network
    Use OpenTable to connect with diners when you need them most to maximize revenue and create repeat business.

  • A reliable, flexible, all-in-one platform
    Manage your restaurant with OpenTable’s intuitive tools and actionable insights you can rely on.

  • Deep industry expertise at your service
    Serving over 60,000 restaurants, OpenTable’s industry experts help you achieve success.

We also worked with OpenTable on ways to exceed diner expectations and ultimately keep them coming back for more—get the full guide here!

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Benefits of Toast + Open Table

  • Personalize service with easy-to-access check details from current and past visits

  • Spot high spenders and frequent visitors so you can recognize them and keep them coming back

  • Empower hosts to seat walk-ins faster and improve turn-times with automatic table statusing

  • Trace spend back to every reservation using interactive reports—uncover the ROI from OpenTable marketing campaigns, benchmark your revenue performance against other local restaurants, and much more

Visit OpenTable for more information!

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