Inventory Accounting Analytics

Toast + MarginEdge

Manage food costs and automate restaurant back office tasks.

With MarginEdge, restaurant operators know their Prime Costs daily, so they can make immediate data-driven decisions instead of after the period ends. Back office paperwork is reduced to 2-3 minutes per day, so operators can spend more time with staff and guests. 

Toast’s integration with MarginEdge pushes sales and labor data to accounting software and provides daily controllable P&L. Manual entry is eliminated, as invoices are sent via photos through the app, email, platform upload or EDI. 

Benefits of Toast + MarginEdge

  • Daily Controllable P&L: MarginEdge processes invoices, records inventories and pulls sales/labor data from Toast nightly to create daily actionable reports.

  • Automated Invoice Processing: Submit invoices via photos through the app, email, platform upload or EDI. Products and SKUs are related across vendors and directly synced to the accounting system.

  • Recipe Costing: Cost out prep and menu items with automatically-updated product prices to quickly see profitability. Price alerts notify clients when an ingredient cost has passed a set price point.

  • Free Bill Pay: Pay bills directly through MarginEdge and data goes straight to the accounting system. Bill Pay is included with every subscription and there’s no limit on the number of payments.

I really feel that I know exactly what’s going on in all the finance and organizational parts. Every day at 6 or 7 a.m. we receive a daily sales email with numbers from Toast, so before I put a foot on the floor out of bed, I’m already looking at our data in MarginEdge.

Pepe Moncayo


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