Toast + Homebase

Toast and Homebase Integration: Scheduling & Team Management

Homebase is a free team management software for restaurants. 

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses to help with time tracking, employee scheduling, team communication, and hiring. Homebase integrates directly with Toast to save you time, headaches, and money.

  • Build a better schedule in minutes - Drag & drop scheduling that forecasts labor costs as you go and alerts you to overtime. Send the schedule to your team by text, app, and email.
  • Run your business from anywhere - Manage shift trades, time-off requests, schedule changes, and more from your phone.
  • Seamlessly sync data between Toast and Homebase - Toast will send Homebase sales data so that you can view your sales forecast while scheduling labor, employee information so you can immediately start scheduling your employees, and time card data, including cash and credit card tips, to make payroll a breeze. Homebase will send Toast the schedule so your team can clock into their assigned shifts.
  • Save time and money on payroll - Track hours, breaks, and overtime in Toast. Data will automatically sync to Homebase where you can easily identify errors and export to payroll.
  • Recruiting software to help you get more quality candidates faster - In less than 60 seconds, Homebase hiring helps you post a job to the top online job boards for free and lets you easily manage all your candidates and scheduling in one simple location.
  • Connect your payroll and optimize operations - Power up your restaurant with our popular Homebase Payroll integrations. Homebase integrates with Run Powered by ADP, Gusto, Wells Fargo, Square Payroll, Heartland, Quickbooks, Bank of America, Millennium, and SurePayroll.

Visit Homebase for more information!

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