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Toast + Homebase

Homebase is the everything app for hourly teams.

Managers who use Homebase save 5+ hours a week on average. Use the time clock on your Toast POS and sync timecards to Homebase so you can automate tracking hours, breaks and overtime. No more missed shifts. Your team always has the up-to-date schedule and gets reminders for their shifts. Send the schedule directly to Toast to prevent early clock ins. Keep your team in sync. Message your team without group chats, emails or phone numbers by using the free mobile app.

Benefits of Homebase

  • Tame your time clock
    Employees clock in and out on Toast POS and hours sync to Homebase for final calculation and payroll prep.

  • Control of labor costs
    Instantly build, edit and share schedules in Homebase and sync it to Toast to prevent early clock-ins. Use sales data to set labor vs. sales targets.

  • Make payroll painless
    Turn your timesheets into wages in just a few clicks. Automated calculations, direct deposits and payroll all within Homebase.

  • Get hassle-free HR
    Securely store and organize your employee documents. Keep records of timesheets and pay to comply with FLSA rules.

The entire program is well rounded, just a click a button to see who is late and who is on time making it easy to track my employees' performance.

Nick Taptelis

Owner of Bill's Cafe

Visit Homebase for more information!

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