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Toast and Harri Integration: Hospitality Workforce OS Integration

Harri is the workforce operating system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. People are at the core of your hospitality business - that’s why they're at the core of Harri’s software.

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Human Capital Management Suite

Finding and retaining the best talent, at scale, is the greatest challenge faced by the hospitality industry. The Harri HCM suite empowers decentralized teams to source, hire, onboard, train and manage employees seamlessly across multiple locations and brands:

  • Source - talent marketplace, job distribution, career story pages, customized applications
  • Hire - applicant tracking, customized onboarding, payroll integration, reporting & analytics, secure hiring doc storage
  • Manage - HR information system, team intranet, performance management

Workforce Resource Planning Suite

Labor resourcing and cost management is the difference between profit and loss in the hospitality industry. TeamLive is Harri’s resource planning suite that combines scheduling, time & attendance, communications and sales forecasting to give your team the insights and responsiveness you need to succeed:

  • Scheduling - rules engine, custom schedule builder, employee mobile app, live labor costing
  • Time & Attendance - biometric time clock, rules and timesheet management, meal breaks and deductions
  • Communications - customized group instant messaging, announcements and feedback, user-friendly mobile app
  • Performance Analytics - real time labor tracking, wage and performance alerts, multi/cross-unit reporting

With Harri + Toast's Integration You Can:

  • Utilize key employee performance KPIs to measure success and areas for improvement
  • Access an enterprise view of key sales and labor metrics with LiveWire dashboard
  • Build a 360 degree view of an employee from hire to performance on the job
  • View wage analysis, real-time labor cost tracking and receive time compliance alerts

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