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Toast + Hang

Loyalty and membership reimagined.

Introducing a radically new type of loyalty experience.

Build anticipation and a desire to keep earning with aspirational rewards, but at lower costs than traditional loyalty programs. Continuously optimize mystery box rewards and probabilities with automated learning to maximize customers’ perceived value while minimizing costs.

Different customers perceive rewards differently – use Hang’s AI-powered personalization to optimize reward distribution.

Launch a paid subscription or free-to-join program with ease.

Create a recurring revenue for your restaurant through a paid membership program with simple sign-up and automated billing. Offer exclusive perks and flexibly add, test, or change benefits as you go.

Offer a free-to-join program, paid subscription program, or both, in order to appeal to a wider range of customers at different levels of engagement. Give value back to your customers as a thank-you for being a valued part of your business.

Understand your customers like never before with Hang’s brand analytics and management dashboard.

Receive automated data reports and analytics with key insights to stay on top of program performance. React to data findings, quickly test new rewards, and continually improve the program and customer experience.

Work with loyalty experts to design programs that achieve your business’ goals through incentive alignment and deep understanding of customer data.

A modern online ordering experience integrated with loyalty

Offer customers a frictionless online ordering experience that is embedded as part of the loyalty program. Receive better insights into customer preferences & behavior when they order directly through the platform.

Connect online ordering and loyalty all in one place, and empower customers to earn wherever they are - whether online or in-store. Customers can sign up online, via referrals, or directly at the POS.


  • Paid Subscriptions
    Build a subscription program where customers pay for a membership to unlock benefits. Unlock recurring revenue seamlessly through automated billing & easy management.

  • Loyalty Program Advisory
    Work closely with Hang’s expert team to outline the program’s primary goals & key metrics, and design a program that best utilizes Hang’s features to maximize customer engagement.

  • Gamification
    Use the most successful game design features such as mystery boxes, quests, raffles, mini-games, and more to keep customers progressing and engaged over time.

  • Personalization
    Offer customers different rewards based on their perceived value and unique preferences, increasing reward redemption rate and reducing waste in unredeemed rewards.

We wanted to create a loyalty program that goes beyond the ordinary. Hang’s innovative approach aligns with our brand values of fun, freshness, and creativity. We’re excited for our guests to experience the exciting and valuable features this program has to offer.

Lynn Gorfinkle

Co-founder of Roam Artisan Burgers

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