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Toast + Factor4

Build Loyalty with Gift Cards from Factor4

Gift card solution for all merchants

Factor4 offers gift card solutions that can help you increase sales and profits while building customer loyalty. They have a team that specializes in the design, production, implementation, and distribution of pre-designed and custom gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-gift cards. You can also access supplemental marketing products and re-order assistance. 

Factor4 can also create white-label branded apps with omnichannel marketing and lower transaction fees. Convenient for guests, the mobile app allows them to add or check their card balance and check out seamlessly. 

How Factor4 integrates with Toast

You can securely process all gift card and loyalty transactions in real-time on Toast POS.


  • Multiple POS integrations
    Factor4 integrates into many POS systems. So you can have restaurant locations on different POS systems, but on one gift card system.

  • Wide range of services
    Factor4 is a full-service gift card company with the ability to create a white-label mobile app built just for your restaurant.

  • E-gift cards
    You can leverage all features and benefits needed for a successful online gift card program.

  • Easy to use
    Factor4 can move funds for different owners.

Visit Factor4 for more information!

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