Labor Payroll

Toast + Dolce

Toast and Dolce: Integrating POS & Payroll

Toast and Dolce have teamed up to provide a complete “Labor Center”-- a seamless integration of scheduling, timekeeping, labor control vs budget, tips distribution, labor compliance, and payroll output to ADP and others.

Scheduling & Timekeeping

Integrated with POS:

  • Dolce's "Labor Center" combines time-punches with scheduled shifts, and real-time sales from the POS, allowing operators to manage labor costs with unprecedented simplicity.

Labor Compliance

Labor & Break Compliance, with Output to Payroll:

  • Employee validations on clock-out protect employers from future claims. Real-time alerting empowers managers to resolve patterns of violations.

Publish Payroll to ADP

Reduce the Workflow of Payroll Prep up to 80%

  • Save time with Dolce's simplified workflow of time-card edits, approvals, tip allocation, labor compliance, and the complexities of tipped-wages, multiple wages, and multiple-locations. Custom payroll outputs for most major processors.

Enforce Clock-In to the Schedule

Take Control of Early Clock-In

  • Save thousands by restricting early or unscheduled Clock-In.

Tips Distribution

Integrated with POS, with Output to Payroll

  • Tips are pulled from the POS, to be pooled, or flow through custom allocations. Adjust with manual overrides. Quick and full service. Flows into Payroll.


A Perfect Fit for Complex Environments

  • Dolce was built for multi-department, multi-unit, or franchise. View rollup of sales vs labor across locations. Robust handling of shared employees. Payroll output to single/multiple EINs.

PTO/Sick Time

Request & Approve, with Output to Payroll

  • Dolce has delivered what businesses have been asking for; complete real-time PTO tracking, which allows for employee requests / manager approvals, with a flow into payroll.

Mobile App

All Company - A Modern Approach

  • Employees view schedules and time-punches, dialogue with management, and trade shifts. Employers enjoy a basket of management tools.

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