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Toast + Deliverect

Online Orders. Simplified.

Deliverect connects third-party delivery platforms and food businesses around the globe. 

It is neither a delivery provider nor a POS system—Deliverect bridges the gap between them by integrating third-party food ordering platforms into your POS. Deliverect removes the rekeying of orders and the costly errors that come with them, so businesses can increase operational efficiency, save time and money, and ramp up customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Toast + Deliverect

  • Menu Management: Manage multiple menus across all your delivery and online ordering platforms. Update and sync menus, snooze out-of-stock items, and automate promotions.

  • Virtual Brands: Manage multiple storefronts on a single delivery platform through Toast with Deliverect. Launch virtual brands and reach new customers.

  • Over 300 Integrations: Deliverect offers quality integrations across a range of delivery and online ordering platforms. From delivery app aggregation to stock management tools, we’ve got you covered.

  • Insights and Analytics: Deliverect aggregates order data from all locations and sales channels to provide centralized insights. Create reports to visualize strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Integrating Deliverect and Toast has been a total game changer for our restaurant. We used to spend so much time tracking orders, searching through third-party tablets, and now everything is streamlined through Deliverect.

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