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Inventory Analytics

Toast + Craftable

Manage Your Food and Labor Costs with Craftable

A fully-mobile back-office restaurant management platform

Craftable helps you track every penny that comes in and out of the door. Designed with the restaurant industry’s leading operators, Craftable is a fully-mobile back office restaurant management platform that is complete with ordering, invoice management, inventory, and recipe cost management. It's simple for the floor, but even more powerful for the back-office.

How Craftable integrates with Toast

By syncing your sales data from Toast POS, you can manage your actual vs. theoretical inventory and get richer insights with operations and financial reporting in Craftable.


  • Increase Margins
    Never get 86'd again with Craftable and Toast. Lower your food costs by 2-3%, pour costs by 3-5%, and admin labor hours by 50%.

  • Faster Ordering
    Our purchasing flow helps you connect with your vendors in record time with restaurant-wide shopping on the go, pack size cost comparisons and real-time integrations with your vendors.

  • Easier Inventory
    Now your team can spend more time with guests instead of counting bottles & eggs. Cut your inventory time by 50% with tools that make life easier, like our shelf-to-sheet calculator.

  • Real-Time Reporting
    Every minute and crumb matters with our end-to-end reporting. See your profit on every plate as it's served to get a true understanding of your menu mix and item profitability.

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