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Unlock Your Business Potential with the Power of Data

ComoSense™ provides data insights and recommendations that helps operators grow customer visits and spend. The platform senses who each of your customers are and what they buy, so you can target them with relevant communications to bring them back. The solution's tools include powerful analytics, marketing automation, loyalty programs, omni-channel communication, and your branded mobile app.

Como’s integration with Toast enables restaurants to personalize their customer experience within Toast POS and Online Ordering.

About Como's Integration with Toast

  • Manage and grow your loyalty program in one place
    Customers interested in joining your program? Add their contact info directly on Toast POS and we'll send an automated text message, providing customers the ability to sign up online or to download your branded app.

  • Smoother front-of-house operations
    Manage loyalty members with or without a mobile app by looking up their phone in Toast. Como applies all rewards automatically for smoother operations, eliminating the potential of manual error.

  • Create and send relevant offers
    Automatically send personal gifts based on a specific transaction or member tier.

  • Actionable Insights
    ComoSense data tools provides actionable insights that triggers targeted campaigns with proven ROI.

Como leverages the synergy between our restaurants, bars, and hotels while being fully integrated with our Toast POS to make sure our customers are getting a seamless experience.

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