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Toast + Cohesion

Toast and Cohesion For Restaurants: Payroll and Sales Workflows

Cohesion For Restaurants provides affordable, cloud-based, SaaS Payroll and Sales integrations to simplify your accounting and payroll chores.

Payroll Integration Workflow

  • Drastically reduce the amount of time you spend processing payroll.
  • Review your entire payroll batch for ALL your sites PRIOR to publishing to your payroll processor.
  • Cohesion supports weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payroll periods.
  • Cohesion VALIDATES critical elements of your employee data to ensure accurate processing (e.g., Employee ID Assignments, Job Assignments & other common data issues).
  • Assign your payroll processor’s Earning Codes to all overtime rules and tip reporting.
  • Optional: Submit the Employee Wage Rate from Toast to your payroll processor for calculating payroll.

Distribute Your Work (Optional)

  • Distributing workload is EXTREMELY valuable to allow your business to grow and add units without adding accounting staff. Cohesion For Restaurants makes it drop-dead simple!
  • Assign Users to Roles (Site Managers, Area Managers and/or Auditors) to manage the aspects of each integration that they should properly control.
  • Cohesion provides an audit trail to clearly identify Who did What, When. Or more importantly, Who did NOT do What, When!
  • Unlimited users come standard at no additional cost.

Sales Integration Workflow

  • Review and book complete, fully-balanced and reviewed daily Journal Entries to your financial system.
  • Book sales by Toast Sales Categories, Revenue Centers, Dining Options or Service Areas.
  • Entries include sales, discounts, sales taxes (multi-agency), cash entries (in & out), tips, service charges, payment types, receivables, customer deposits, CC processing fees, actual cash deposit and over/short.
  • Cohesion VALIDATES all critical elements of the Journal Entry to ensure accuracy (e.g., GL Account Assignments, Missing Categories, Out-of-Balance, etc.). Optional: Enforce end-of-day business rules (e.g., Actual Deposit must be entered, X number of Deposits must be entered, Over/Short cannot be < or > $x.xx, etc.).

Multi-Company and Multi-Unit Management

  • Multiple legal companies – No Problem!
  • Multiple restaurants (sites) under different legal companies – No Problem!
  • Different payroll and financial systems per company – No Problem!
  • Manage all Companies, Sites, Users and User Roles under one account.

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