Inventory Analytics

Toast + BeerSAVER Systems

Maximizing revenue from every ounce of draft beer poured

BeerSAVER has developed an online system for owners and operators to track the amount of beer actually poured versus what is being rung in to Toast to eliminate waste and theft.  With each beer transaction time stamped with Toast the integration provides operators the ability to pinpoint when these unaccounted pours occur.  

We provide bars and restaurants the software to allow them to manage inventory more effectively while reducing their labor costs to manually weigh kegs.  


  • Loss Prevention
    Track every ounce poured versus what is rung up on Toast to prevent unaccounted pours, over pours, and misrings keeping your employees honest.

  • Manage Inventory
    Know what is left in each keg automatically eliminating the need to weigh kegs. Having inventory easily accessible on the BeerSAVER app.

  • Improve Draft Quality
    Reduce foam in the beer lines by tracking the temperature in the cooler room in real time. Receive temperature alerts.

  • Training and Account Management
    Our team is here to analyze your data, help you update beers and improve your draft beer costs.

I used to use Freepour and switched to BeerSAVER, I have been using the system for about 6 months and I really like the system and it already has saved me money and even caught a bartender giving away drinks. I would highly recommend BeerSAVER.

Randy Yamamoto

Franchise Owner, Buffalo Wild Wings

Visit BeerSAVER Systems for more information!

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