Toast Customer Story

DK Sushi Uses Toast Kiosks to Deliver a Seamless Quick Service Guest Experience

See how DK Sushi and others are increasing Average Order Value by 10%. DK Sushi focuses on creating non-conventional kiosk-only quick service concept to appeal to the high-tech students on the University of Pennsylvania campus.

With fully integrated technology, DK Sushi has created a seamless web of communication between in-store, online, and the back-of-house with Toast Kiosk, Toast Kitchen Display System, and Toast Online Ordering.

Leveraging Self-Serve Kiosks for a Quick Serve Restaurant Concept

In an effort to open a technology-focused quick service restaurant concept, DK Sushi operates a self-ordering, kiosk-only business. The self-service kiosks enable guests to browse, order, and pay for items themselves while improving the restaurant's efficiency and guest experience, in addition to leveraging the 10% higher average order value (AOV) observed with Kiosks.

“We wanted to open a self-service restaurant concept because we were opening in a new rebranded food hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus where the demographic is technology-focused, resulting in a minimal learning curve with kiosk," says Natalie DiBattista, the Director of Operations at DK Sushi.

A key driver for selecting Toast was the ability to fully customize every landing page. Compared to competitors, Toast Kiosk offers more flexibility with branding, descriptions, and visual ordering. DK Sushi had previously used Aloha, but the kiosks did not offer this same flexibility with visual customization.

"Our primary customers are college students and they love the seamless process the kiosks offer - for them the technology is fast and intuitive."

Natalie DiBattista

Director of Operations

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