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“I read Toast content because I feel like it's more about training development than industry trends. I know this is how the world works. It starts on the coast and bleeds into us, but by the time it gets to us, it's half a decade later. So I really stay away from traditional restaurant news and trends."


Josh Miller

VP of Culinary, Bluestem
Communitie, Kansas

“We love Toast’s content because it gives us insights into the goings-on in the industry, best practices, and up-to-date, timely information. This allows us to have one reliable source for relevant and useful information, which affects our operation directly and helps us build leaders and insightful team members throughout our brands.”


Ryan Egozi

Director of Operations
Suviche Hospitality Group

“I'm so grateful to have access to Toast content because wow. They've done the research and are looking into things I may not have ever thought of myself."


Bill Stevenson

Kitchen Supervisor
Cherry Republic, Michigan