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Get Staff Involved in Their Own Video Training

This post was last updated on Nov 14, 2019.

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When millennials have a problem, they seek the answer in one of two places: Google or YouTube. There are millions of short, instructional videos on YouTube that help them pick up new knowledge at their own pace. So it makes sense that incorporating video into your restaurant training would make them more interested.

Panera, for example, trains its staff both in person, with a certified trainer or manager, and online, through an eLearning program called Baguette University. This audio-visual interactivity keeps staff engaged while learning about compulsory topics like policy and procedure. Through this training portal, employees can familiarize themselves with new menu items and view step-by-step guides on preparing meals. This training isn’t intended to replace in-person training but instead complement it without disrupting day-to-day productivity. 

There are some YouTube channels that offer professional development coaching in addition to training. Ask your staff to send you their favorite videos and create a team compilation. You could even create a competition to incentivize staff to watch extra training online, like a “no side-work” coupon for the employee who watches the most training videos and reports out on what they learned.

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