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5 Best Las Vegas Food Blogs in 2024


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

Known for its vibrant entertainment, dazzling casinos, and extravagant shows, Las Vegas has also become a gastronomic haven for food enthusiasts from around the globe. With an ever-evolving dining scene, it can be a challenge to navigate the plethora of culinary options. That's why we've compiled a list of the 5 best Las Vegas food blogs in 2023. 

You know what they say – what happens in Vegas might be posted on a foodie’s Instagram! Check out these top 5 Las Vegas food blogs for Sin City inspiration:

  1. Vegans Baby

  2. Las Vegas Weekly

  3. Vegas Magazine

  4. Eater Las Vegas

  5. The Buppie Foodie

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Best Vegan Options - Vegans, Baby

Hey – vegans like to gamble too! Vegans, Baby is dedicated to making vegan life easier. They curate dining guides to simplify vegan travel – and their Vegas guide is amazing! Vegans, Baby is also a partner with the James Beard Foundation and has curated two plant-based, chef-driven dinners at the world-famous James Beard House. So next time you’re traveling to Vegas or any other city, make sure to check them out for all your vegan needs!


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Best weekly restaurant recommendations - Las Vegas Weekly

If you’re looking for restaurants in the news each week, Las Vegas Weekly has your back! Las Vegas Weekly has covered everything that matters to the Las Vegas Valley for over a decade. It’s a great resource for all things Vegas, but we especially love their food & drink news. For regular restaurant hot spots be sure to check them out!

Most likely to give you new recipe inspo - Vegas Magazine

This blog is broken down by city and their Vegas guides feature weekly recipes! Vegas Magazine has great food and beverage recommendations like their 14 best margaritas in Las Vegas article. This blog also keeps you up to date with all events and happenings in Vegas – a must-read! 

Best blog for special dinners - Eater Las Vegas

You already know Eater has you covered! Check out Eater Las Vegas before planning your next trip to the city to find the best restaurants for special nights. Eater has plenty of Vegas guides from the coolest ice cream shops to the best LGBTQ-friendly bars.f you’re looking for it Eater’s got it.

Best Vegas restaurant reviews - The Buppie Foodie

This digital media food and lifestyle publication highlights the latest trends in restaurants, recipes, travel, and more, curated by Black urban professionals based in New York. The Buppie Foodie’s Vegas guides are great resources for restaurant recommendations and reviews. They break down each restaurant’s details including price, must-try dishes, and overall rating. The Buppie Foodie tries all the Vegas restaurants so you don’t have to! 

Las Vegas has proven time and again that it is not just a destination for high-rolling gamblers and thrilling entertainment; it is also a culinary paradise that continues to push the boundaries of flavor and innovation. We’ve explored the 7 best Las Vegas food blogs in 2023, uncovering a wealth of culinary knowledge and insider tips. So next time you’re planning a trip to Sin City make sure to first check out these food blogs! 

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