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How to Write a Restaurant General Manager Job Description (Duties, Responsibilities)

Grace JidounAuthor

How to Write a Restaurant General Manager Job Description (Duties, Responsibilities)

General managers are the unsung heroes of the restaurant world. Restaurants have many moving parts, and the general manager makes sure the pieces fit together so that daily operations run smoothly. These team leaders coordinate the front and back of the house, knowing all the ins and outs. 

Staffing, training, scheduling, and managing employees is a large part of the restaurant general manager job description. Balancing the books also falls under their purview. They often manage a restaurant’s brand, which includes fielding customer complaints and brainstorming promotions to reach new customers.

Ensuring health and safety regulations also lands on their plate. In short, they are the glue that keeps the business together. 

While being a good restaurant manager requires many hard skills, some “soft” skills separate the best candidates. The first is time management. The best managers know how to maximize their time so that important tasks get done on schedule. 

Diplomacy is also critical. Clashes between employees and customer complaints are inevitable in any restaurant, and diffusing disagreements diplomatically and respectfully will help maintain relationships. The ability to delegate is another hallmark of top managers. Running a restaurant is a team effort, and good GMs will know how to delegate and when to step in. 

Finally, candidates with solid team-building skills will motivate all employees, from servers to dishwashers. Managers who are good at it are more likely to retain strong employees.


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List of Duties for the Restaurant General Manager

Coordinate front and back of the house operations

When it comes to this position, flexibility is the ingredient to success. The best managers quickly adapt between the dining room and the kitchen and will balance the different needs. In the front of the house, the GM checks in with customers and generally oversees the dining room. In the back-of-the-house, they oversee food prep and ensure the restaurant complies with all health and safety regulations. 

But no matter what task is at hand, top managers can prioritize and juggle many responsibilities effectively. 

Manage employees 

This position manages employees in all areas of the restaurant, from coordinating server shifts to hiring line cooks. The best candidates will lead by example and keep morale and energy up in fast-paced environments. 

Communication is the driving force behind high-functioning teams, and a good GM will clearly explain goals and manage employees according to how each person works best. They oversee recruiting and training servers, hostesses, and many kitchen positions. 

Successful candidates will set clear expectations for their teams. 

Make sure guests have a pleasant experience 

Chefs may want to cover their ears or start humming right now, but customer service is just as important as the food. The key to creating customer loyalty is knowing how to deal with complaints effectively. 

It’s true; even the toniest restaurants field complaints on the daily. A steak may inevitably come out too rare, or a drink order may be forgotten. Top managers will always listen with an empathetic ear, remain calm, and work their magic to diffuse sticky situations. Word of mouth is king in the restaurant industry. 

General managers not only field complaints but check in with satisfied customers as well. And they often spearhead marketing efforts to foster a following and attract new diners. 

Manage finances 

A restaurant cannot survive without healthy cash flow, and it’s up to the GM to handle the finances on the business side of things. While many “soft” skills are essential, the GM gets down to brass tacks when managing money. 

Budgetary management means tracking income and expenses, and this encompasses a wide range of responsibilities like maintaining payrolls, setting profitability goals, generating financial reports, and planning for expenses.

Restaurant General Manager Job Description Sample

To make it easier to create a restaurant general manager job description, here’s a sample you can use.

Job Title: Restaurant General Manager 

Salary: $50,000 to $70,000 per year

Tip Income: No

Schedule: Full-Time (40 hours per week). Tuesday – Saturday.

Role: You will oversee our restaurant's daily operations and lead our dedicated team of employees to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for our guests. We are known for delivering excellence in all areas of service, hospitality, food, and beverage, and candidates will have a passion for customer service and proven ability as a manager. Operational expertise and experience with budget management are crucial to this role.


  • Oversees day-to-day operations 
  • Handles budget administration and preparation, including forecasting, profit and loss accountability, cost control, and inventories 
  • Initiates marketing and brand promotions 
  • Provides superior service and customer care 
  • Responds to customers' complaints in an efficient manner with sensitivity and care 
  • Manages the performance of team members and provides feedback to improve productivity 
  • Interviews, selects, and trains employees 
  • Ensures compliance with established safety and health policies and procedures 
  • Research new vendors and regularly review product quality 
  • Estimate future supply needs

Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

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