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The Best Brewery Software For Success In 2024


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

What is the best brewery software?

By 2025, 47% of spending and 25% of volume consumption of beer will be attributed to bars, restaurants, and breweries. Guests want to go out and enjoy their favorite craft beers in real-time at breweries. However, there are about 10,000 breweries located in the United States; competition is fierce. The good news is, there is brewery software available to help retailers better run their beverage businesses and increase sales.

In this article, we’ll outline the 10 best brewery software to help make your day-to-day operations easier. Pour yourself a cold one and let’s get started!


Brewery Business Plan Template

Use this free template to easily create a great business plan that organizes your vision and helps you start, grow, or raise funding for your brewery.


The top brewery software


Ollie is a brewery management software that was built by brewers for brewers. This software “offers you industry best practice sales & operational workflows to help you take back control of your alcohol business.” Ollie is broken down by its two products, Ollie Order (Inventory management) and Ollie Ops (Production management). Check out some of Ollie’s features:

  • COGS analysis

  • Automated TTB reporting

  • Raw material tracking and forecasting

  • Recipe management tool

  • Sales reporting

Ollie offers several affordable options, you can schedule a demo with them here.


Breww is a modern brewery management software that’s cloud-based and secure. One convenient aspect of Breww is you can run your brewery from your computer, tablet, or phone. Their all-in-one solution features:

  • Sales and CRM

  • Container tracking

  • Advanced reporting with TTB calculations

  • Integrations

  • Production and distribution

Breww starts at $34.99 per month but you can check out their pricing options here.


Ekos is a business management software designed for beverage businesses. This software can streamline inventory, production, sales, and accounting in one business management solution. Check out Ekos top features:

  • TTB reporting & audits

  • COGS data

  • Supply chain efforts data

  • Batch production

  • Inventory management

Say goodbye to all your spreadsheets and hello to better production planning. To start your brewery on Ekos today check out their pricing page.


Brewery Menu Templates

Use these brewery menu templates as a starting point for your menu design or to give your menu a refresh.



Designed by and for beverage logistics professionals, Kegshoe has features your whole team will love. Kegshoe helps you run your brewery operations more efficiently. Here are some of their offerings:

Kegshoe is a top option for brewery efficiency,  you can get started here.


Brewman has been helping craft breweries for over a decade. This brewery management system includes many features to help you focus on serving great beer:

  • CRM

  • Cask tracking

  • Production metrics and tracking

  • Distribution optimization

Their software costs $75/month for full access to features, unlimited user profiles, and no fixed-term contracts. For more information, check them out here.


If you’re searching specifically for software that can help organize your events, try Tripleseat. This software has everything you need for private events at your brewery in a single sales and event platform. Some of their top features include:

  • Reservation management

  • Lead forms that give you real-time notifications for every inquiry

  • Secure online payments made easier

  • Tools to help you communicate quickly with your clients and team

If you’re looking to expand your taproom event booking, request a pricing quote here.


Beer30 is a brewery management software designed to perform data entry while making decisions for your brewing process and increasing profitability. This software has many customizable features such as:

  • Fermentation management

  • Inventory tracking

  • Customer support

  • Recipe Management

  • KPI Scorecard

You can explore Beer30’s bundles and pricing options here.


Brewery Opening & Closing Checklist

The beginning and end of a shift can be frantic. Use this free PDF checklist to set your brewery staff up for success.



Ohanafy is a management platform for businesses in the beverage industry. You can sit down with the team at Ohanafy and define your objectives together. Some top offerings to consider are:

  • Sales monitoring

  • Streamlined production

  • Finance management

  • Marketing ROI tracking

  • Employee management

Ready to join their Ohana? Discover Ohanafy’s pricing models here.

Crafted ERP

Crafted ERP is a fully integrated brewery ERP solution that runs your entire brewery operation – across multiple locations, product lines and currencies. If you’re sick of spreadsheets and QuickBooks, Crafted ERP can help. Here are some of their top features:

  • Recipe management

  • Production alerts

  • Work order templates

  • Sales tax reporting

And much more! If you’re ready to standardize your processes, get started with Crafted ERP today.


BrewNinja is another brewery management software. BrewNinja has simple functionality and is here to transform your brewery. Check out their top features:

  • TTB reporting

  • Sales tracking

  • Product and inventory management

  • Accounting features

BrewNinja’s pricing starts at a basic level, “a pint”, of $119/month and goes up to $349 for top features. You can also give them a call to customize the best plan for your specific business.

Toast for breweries

These 10 different software options can help your business thrive in such a competitive market. While your production speeds up, your front-of-house needs to keep up. Consider which POS system won’t let you down on a busy night. Toast POS allows for easy customization of menus, enabling breweries to showcase their unique offerings and update menus quickly. The system also facilitates quick and accurate order entry, which is crucial in a fast-paced brewery environment. Toast’s data-driven approach enables brewery owners to make informed decisions and optimize operations for better profitability. Schedule your free demo today.

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